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Key Translation Centers: Legal Document, bidding document, medical research, product instruction, feasibility study report, business plan,etc.and also cover such industries as chemistry, commerce, auto, finance......

Nanning Lingsai Translation Service Co., Ltd

Lingsai Translation has garnered under its service hundreds of full-time or part-time translators who take foreign language as a profession or combine foreign language with their background trade and have many years experience in translation or interpretation, thus we are able to provide our clients with professional translation service from or into various foreign languages and for various trades or fields.

Lingsai Translation is dedicated to service any enterprises, scientific research institutes, governmental organs, and other entities with its high-level, professional and comprehensive translation.

Since its incorporation in the year 2003, Lingsai Translation has created credit among and been highly appraised by its clients with its abundant trade experience, professionalism and top translation products.

Translation projects Lingsai Translation has undertaken cover:international bidding document, Business Plan, Feasibility Study Report, project introductory document, thesis, medicine instruction, legal document, notary certificates, general business document, company profile, audit report, capital verification report, etc.

The core competitive edge of Lingsai Translation comes from its professional translator group, its professionalism and its comittment to excellence.  

Bus lines: No. 20、65、220、601、603 Ge Cun Road & Dong Bao Road Intersection Stop.
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